Refund and Returns Policy

Please, read our refund and returns policy before order.

You can order from us if you like. And if you have any problems after ordering, let us know immediately. You can cancel within 24 hours of ordering. But if I have your order delivered and you want to reject it without cheek. In that case, you will not get a refund.

In the case of reviews services, digital marketing and SEO, you can reject within 72 hours. However, in case of accounts services, you have to inform within 24 hours.

You can order reviews with your eyes closed. Because, we are the most trusted company in the online world, besides local accounts and payments accounts you can order after asking any question and after reading the terms of condition. Moreover, we will not take any responsibility for it later.

How to we give money refund:

We give you a full refund, but we are not able to bear any cost. In that case, we can refund by deducting part of the cost.

About Delivery:

We may be late in providing any of our services for any unforeseen reason. In this case, you have to wait, and if you want a refund, we are obliged to refund. Please read through our Refund and Returns Policy that we will not bear the cost.

If you wait a while and we can’t provide the services, we will cover the cost. (Advanced, Thanks).

Frequently question us:

When I ordered you?

You can order from us anytime, we can order even if we are not online, you will get the delivery on time. Also, if you have a query, you can order it by default. Moreover, make sure you order whether we have product stock or not.

When you accept ordered?

I will accept the order after receiving your money. Once you make the payment we will start your work, moreover you will be notified in the update email, see your ordered email for updates.

Can I cancel after order?

If you have placed a wrong order, you may reject it. But together you have to let us know, in the mail. And we will confirm it and refund your money.

Can I give you a dispute?

No you can’t, if you have any complaints about our services then you need to look at the logic reasons. If you do not like it once, we will refund you.


Please read our Terms of Condition carefully again, so that you do not have any doubts. We are very honest and transparent in our work. Don’t compare us to anyone else. Or do not give us responsibility for the impact of the loss of others.

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