Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About purchase:

We do not share any client’s data with anyone. It is our moral responsibility and duty to protect everyone’s privacy. We also do not share anyone’s paid photo or client’s photo on social media.

Since we provide reviews services and it is a kind of illegal method, we do not give any previous sample to any client. Although, we have the right to give it.

About payment:

We do not share anyone’s payment information with anyone. I don’t even share anyone’s email ID, payment method ID, name, and countries’. However, these, have the right to use them for outreach or taking client feedback.

Why/How we use your information:

  1. Out riches for any information.
  2. Send Offers.
  3. New Updates.
  4. Payment bill tragedy.
  5. Any kind of helpful information.

Note: If anyone send you any offers through email or others ways, please, justify them and contact with us. If anybody fraud with you, we don’t take any complained. Don’t buy outsider from our website (name of buying

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